The benifits of using a time-tested Real Estate Syndication Process

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Running a syndication can be a difficult journey and most real estate developers don’t know where to begin.

Open Source Capital has a process that not only lets you know where to start but gives you the continuous guidance and extensive training you need to succeed.

From the day you sign an engagement letter to the day you either retire or sell your development business, we offer the hands-on support and time-tested processes for every aspect of forming a real estate syndication.

If you would like to learn about the “Process” and what we have to offer, then send an email to [email protected]

  • Less than 5% of Sponsors looking for equity funding (outside of friends and family) will receive capital this year.
  • Do you want to be part of that 5%?

Let us take a look at your deal and see if it qualifies for our “Syndication Management Platform”.


The success of a project is often determined by the financial structuring decisions made during the initial stages of a project- when the idea is no more than a napkin sketch.

Open Source Capital’s experienced team unites the early stages of a project’s conception into a measurable investment.  As a trusted partner with an integrated approach to raising capital, we move projects from the early stages of predevelopment to a private securities offering suitable for accredited investors and senior lenders.

Being a great developer with a solid track record and an experienced management team was valuable when passing the hat around fellow country club members, but most firms have never found the right funding opportunity to really grow their business.

Enterprises that succeed use all available means to overcome obstacles and find the right financial backers to help them reach their full potential.  Institutional investors and high net worth individuals are becoming increasingly active on a new playground:  Direct Asset Investing.

Today, builders and developers need to use all the tools and technology available in order to raise capital efficiently.  To attract the right investors, Open Source Capital has developed a platform to set our builders and developers apart from their competition when competing for capital.  We profile established companies to make a compelling impression on investors.  We have a dedicated, experienced team with several hundred million dollars of transactional experience.  Our relationship with Sponsors plays a significant role in attracting investors, particularly when coupled with years of experience underwriting and structuring real estate deals.  Open Source Capital can help you stay on top of the rapidly changing fundraising landscape and benefit from recent changes to the General Solicitation laws over the internet, part of the JOBS Act.

Adapting to the age of online syndication is not just a good idea, but is critical and essential to staying competitive.

How Does Open Source Capital Help You Syndicate Your Project?

We use general solicitation along with technology and online real estate portals to develop a following of investors.  We notify them of new project proposals within minutes of the project being offered.  Investors can review project information and invest in deals based on their knowledge of the project and the local real estate market. 

Why Do Investors Invest In Ground Up Construction?

Savvy investors know that “ground up construction” deals are more hands-on and riskier, but the potential payoff is, accordingly, also much higher.  Investors understand how Open Source Capital structures deals to help mitigate risk and has the knowledge and ability to find the right partners.

If you are raising capital for real estate, call or email us now.