How we work


We help Sponsors do what they need to do to efficiently raise debt and equity for commercial real estate projects, using modern technology to help fund their projects. 

Our scope of work may include:

  1. Helping to identify and select projects for our Sponsors
  2. Preparing Financial Modeling and Pricing
  3. Site visits
  4. Architectural Plan Reviews
  5. Construction Cost reviews
  6. General Contractor recommendations
  7. Subcontractor recommendations
  8. Broker/Dealer recommendations
  9. Senior lender recommendations
  10. Co-Sponsor recommendations
  11. Developing Pitch Decks
  12. Underwriting and Stress Testing Projects
  13. Help Sponsors set up an “SPV” as the Issuer
  14. Help Sponsors develop terms for a Regulation D 506c Private Placement Memorandum
  15. Submit investment documents to Broker/Dealers for FINRA registration
  16. Developing Term Sheets
  17. Debt placement
  18. Negotiating Mortgage and Note Terms
  19. Selecting Portal Placements (if applicable)
  20. Posting and managing Portal placements
  21. Conducting due diligence
  22. Project Marketing/Branding
  23. Investor Targeting and Marketing
  24. Arrange due diligence and investor meetings
  25. Coordinating due diligence for others
  26. Fostering bank relationships and negotiating bank financing and term sheets
  27. Developing terms of Operating Agreements
  28. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Construction Agreements
  29. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Property Management Agreements
  30. Coordinating Closing
  31. Transaction Management and Coordination
  32. SPV Administration- Calculations and Reporting

What we do for investors:  (watch video)


What we don’t do. 

  1. Offer investment advice or recommendations
  2. Guarantee any particular investment outcome with Issuers
  3. We are not a registered investment portal, nor do we sell securities or perform investment banking activities



This website is neither an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Only a Private Offering Memorandum can make such an offer.  Therefore, a copy of a Private Offering Memorandum must be made available to you in connection with any Offering. This advertising material must be read in conjunction with a Private Offering Memorandum in order for you to understand fully all of the implications and risks of an offering of securities to which it relates.