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Blending the traits of debt and equity to create a hybrid security known as dequity

Savvy Real Estate Sponsors are using Dequity to help finance their projects…


Many investors have expressed frustration in the lack of high-quality real estate deals, while sponsors have been stymied by a lack of capital to support senior mortgage loans.

We invite experienced project Sponsors and Accredited Investors to try our “Syndicated Dequity Program”.  As the Sponsor, you determine the terms of the Dequity.   As an Investor you select the Dequity you want to own.  We typically syndicate Dequity  from $2,000,000.00 to $50,000,000.00


  How it works:

  • First, we work with you to design a capital stack that meets the requirements to get funding from accredited investors.  
  • Then, we produce a proforma “term sheet”.
  • Then, we market a syndicated profit participation loan (“Dequity”) based on your terms.  The dequity marketing campaign is designed to reach out to thousands of targeted investors that are actively investing in your type of project.
  • Once enough qualified investors have express interest in your project we close on the Dequity syndication and the funds are released to you and investors start receiving interest on the Dequity.  



This website is neither an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Only the Private Offering Memorandum can make such an offer. Therefore, a copy of the Private Offering Memorandum must be made available to you in connection with the offering. This advertising material must be read in conjunction with the Private Offering Memorandum in order to understand fully all of the implications and risks of the offering of securities to which it relates.

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To understand the Notes offering fully, you should read the entire Private Offering Memorandum carefully, including the “Risk Factors” sections, before making a decision to invest. Some of the more significant risks include the following: servicing of the Notes depends upon our ability to manage our business and generate adequate cash flows; the Notes are risky speculative investments; there will not be any market for the Note Participations; we can provide no assurance that any Notes or Note Participations will be sold; you will not have the benefit of an independent review of the final terms of the Notes; payment on the Notes is dependent on the Borrower and not Open Source Capital LLC, or Dequity Investments, LLC. If we lose or are unable to retain key personnel, we may be delayed or unable to implement our business plan; we have a limited operating history and limited experience operating as a company and our business is not diversified.