Raise Capital


If you are buying or developing real estate and looking for capital to fund your project, we want to connect with you!


Technology is Changing the World of Finance

Use  Direct Asset Financing as a solution for:


  • Raising  both Equity and Debt

  • Building your Corporate Brand

  • Presales and Preleasing


You have a passion for great real estate projects

We have a passion for helping you financing them


We work online and offline with clients to craft tailored solutions for a wide spectrum of commercial and residential projects.


We provide a unique platform that connects Project Sponsors, Private Equity Funds and Accredited Retail Investors.

Our expertise in vetting, underwriting and  investing is real estate projects for over twenty years, helps investors to act quickly when considering various investment opportunities.

 We raise capital for successful businesses with seasoned management teams that can invest at least $500,000 in equity toward their project.  Clients typically are seeking to raise $1 million to $30 million in Mezz debt or preferred equity to help finance their projects.