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Private Equity Funds – join our platform and become a  Financial Sponsor –  Increase your dealflow and ROI…….









Private equity professionals are charged with deploying capital from leading endowments, pension funds, institutional investors and family offices.  Open Source Capital understands the challenges and goals of private Equity and their unique needs. Our experience with private equity funds allow us to deliver customized solutions that meet the needs of both the Sponsor and the Private Equity Investor.



The primary benefit to having private equity funds as  Financial Sponsors  on our platform is that Financial Sponsors  can commit to a project early on.  The “crowd” validates the concept and the Financial Sponsor and Open Source Capital provide sophisticated due diligence, something that the crowd cannot do.  Our clients can  develop a following of private equity funds and accredited investors interested in their projects.

So how do Financial Sponsors profit from this?

Open Source Capital lets Financial Sponsors earn carry when a project is syndicated.
In exchange, retail investors get access to deals that might not have been available.

We offer our selected Financial Sponsors, the ability to grow in a shared domain.  In effect, we pool knowledge, capital, logistics and a network.  As such, we combine forces and, by doing so, increase the return on investment and reduce the cost of capital for our sponsors at the same time.

If you are a capital provider and would like to increase your dealflow and earn higher returns by becoming a Financial Sponsor, call us today at 954-650-6798