Outsource or in-house?


Outsource your capital raise

Are you spending too much time raising capital and not enough time focusing on your core business?

Raising money from other people is time-consuming.

Ever wonder how to do it more efficiently?

Do you have a systematic ongoing marketing campaign to methodically inform professional investors about new deals?

Let us put the whole financing package together for you and help you manage the process – Linking Sponsors with Banks and professional Equity Investors. 

Welcome to Open Source Capital’s Global Network and our “Turn-Key” Capital Campaign and Self-directed SEC Regulation 506c Offering Platform.

Open Source Capital’s Self-directed Regulation D506c Offering program is designed to simplify a complicated business that involves securities law, real estate law, partnership and corporate law, real estate knowledge and the sensible application of assembling a team to add know-how to your efforts.

Your advisor will take you through the technical issues, the capital structuring issues, the marketing issues, the waterfall calculations, and other profit-sharing opportunities.  You will be taught how to raise money from accredited investors and you will be told about the risks involved.

You will be provided information and guided through SEC and state blue-sky securities laws.

You will be advised of the expense and time required and we will help you navigate in an area of capital raising that little has been written about and many mistakes have been made.

Once you have identified the need to create a formal capital markets effort, to support your next phase of growth, you will need a platform that ensures that you are building good relationships with your investors and lenders by providing confidential and transparent data throughout the life of their investment and beyond.  Having a capital campaign designed and managed by Open Source Capital and placed online supports every phase of an Offering, from fundraising to operations.

In this age of heightened awareness of data security, you will need to be confident that your technology is state- of- the- art when it comes to the technical issues.

You will also need to have a feedback loop that shows what investors are doing with the information you send them, enabling your capital markets team to focus on the right places.

Open Source Capital enables you to provide investors with a level of personalization and transparency that would be hard to achieve without significantly adding to your staff resources.

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Open Source Capital is a business advisory firm with significant industry experience in facilitating the financing of commercial transactions.  Our management team in conjunction with our relationships with general contractors, developers, specialized portals and FINRA member Broker/ Dealers, provides a comprehensive platform for institutional quality due diligence, deal structuring and marketing of Regulation D 506c Private Placement Offerings.  We design programs that promote your company brand and prepare you to engage with capital providers.  We believe that investors are willing to invest in projects that have been structured and vetted by our management team and that investors will view these projects as superior to other similar private investments.  OSC has extensive experience structuring and executing customized financing solutions for developers, homebuilders, and syndicators of commercial real estate.  OSC is a leading expert in all aspects of institutional and private debt and private equity offerings, including assisting in the identification and evaluation of capital structures and solutions, assessment of optimal sources of capital, preparation of investor materials, management of due diligence and communication with potential investors.

For firms wanting to focus on their core business , Open Source Capital can be a valuable outsource solution for deal structuring, investment underwriting, investor targeting, deal marketing, portal relationships, and post closing management.