Who are our Operating Sponsors – Established companies that want to share their projects with like-mined investors.

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Private Developers exhibit varying degrees of capability, investment judgment and economic incentive.  Open Source Capital employs a disciplined approach to Sponsor selection, continuously assessing the landscape of developers to identify companies that exhibit strong differentiation, investment judgment and alignment of interests.


Open Source Capital partners with Operating Sponsors with proven experience and track records in U.S. markets.

If you are looking to own real estate we would like to discuss how you might partner with our operating Sponsors, please get in touch.

Our Sponsor Characteristics:
  • Seasoned entrepreneurial management with a meaningful co-investment in the project
  • Significant experience and focus on a particular property sector
  • Strong off-market deal sourcing capability
  • Experienced value–add execution capability (renovations, development, leasing, and property management)
  • Operating and investment strategies that can attract capital
Target Property Sectors:
  • Multifamily
  • Vacation homes
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Hospitality
  • Land development
  • Mixed-Use
Investment Parameters:
  • $1 to $100 million LP equity
  • Investment horizon of 1 to 5 years
  • Willingness to co-invest with like-minded investors


Title III of the JOBS ACT now allows over 300 million new investors to participate in our Syndication Program.

This promises the makings of a massive trend, which is just now starting to take place.
As a result, we believe that an entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to helping small businesses find capital.

This may sound like a bold statement, but it’s not if you understand entrepreneurs the way we do. The reality is, taking on partners by small business has more to do with psychology than with money.


Many entrepreneurs are concerned or disenchanted with banks and private equity firms.  Many want to expand their businesses but are afraid to do so until there is a clearer indication of how the process of MarketPlace financing will fair.

We believe that our company will be a way for many people to start shifting their focus from waiting to executing.  By working with our Sponsors you can benefit from Private Real Estate Syndication and get connected with a company that cares about your interest.




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