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Become a Lead Investor and receive a “First Look” at new deals, plus you can often negotiate the terms and pricing.

As a Lead Investor you can:

  • Make money by co-investing with vetted professional developers. 

  • Pick one or more of our leading developers and begin investing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best firms in the industry. 

  • Invest in small projects or large projects located in various neighborhoods and geographic areas.  

  • Watch your investment grow in real time and take advantage of the hot real estate market.


 Types Of Opportunities

Development properties (new construction)


  • Higher appreciation potential
  • Maintenance and replacement costs lower in early years


  • Tax deferred cash flow

Passive losses

  • Long term take-out mortgage financing


  • Market acceptability of new development
  • Pace of renting to tenants (rate of absorption)
  • Development costs in excess of forecast
  • Cost and availability of long-term mortgage financing
  • Competition – overbuilding-effect on rents
  • Governmental restrictions: zoning and building codes
  • Changing Governmental regulations: rent control and environmental


Existing properties


  • Greater predictability of net operating income
  • Higher reliability of operating cost forecasts
  • Physical condition subject to inspection
  • Known tenant composition
  • Tax deferred cash flow
  • Passive losses
  • Financing often available from seller



  • Higher maintenance and replacement costs
  • Unpredictable major maintenance and rehabilitation costs
  • Restrictions in existing leases
  • Additional competitive properties
  • Changing Gov. regulations: rent control and environmental issues


Land Development


  • Potential for higher appreciation
  • Seller financing-purchase money mortgage note
  • Usually low leverage


  • No cash flow
  • Carrying costs (taxes and debt service) with no revenue
  • Government restrictions: zoning and environmental
  • Lack of appreciation in excess of acquisition and carrying costs of land
  • Institutional financing often difficult to obtain
  • Higher potential for loss