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Let us know, we are happy to explain our global network business model, our strategy and how we can work together.

Contact us by email and phone

We find that using both email and the telephone has tremendous advantages.

  • It’s a convenient way to discuss projects from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s efficient! No time spent waiting for emails or trying to interpret what someone is really trying to say. This means we can spend the time usually spent “typing” being more productive.
  • It’s effective!  Understanding projects is about deep listening and understanding. It is about developing meaningful dialogue. The phone is a wonderful tool for communicating in this way.
  • It’s comfortable! Choose your surroundings. Pick a place in your home or office where you can relax and focus.
  • It’s flexible and works on your schedule!
  • It may be old fashion, but it works. Find out for yourself; use your email and let’s schedule a phone call and lets build something together.

Open Source Capital LLC
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