Home Building Partnerships with Commonwealth Development Land Trust in South Tampa, FL

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We get a lot of investment opportunities presented to us every day.  Let us tell you why this could be among the best.

There is plenty of money in South Tampa and abundant supply of teardown homes as well.


What we are offering you is to partner with Commonwealth Development, working with their top custom builder, Ferrill Construction Inc. www.ferrillconstruction.com as general contractor, for potential Annualized 20%+ IRR’S (without leverage) building homes in South Tampa.

This is based on acquiring existing properties in selected zip codes, tearing them down and then constructing new homes in the 2,000 SF to 2,400 SF size. The lots in the area usually sell in one day and close in approximately three weeks.

If  you are an accredited investor this is a great chance for you to make good money in a secure 1st mortgage position.

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Minimum Investment $25,000


Sample property