Self Directed Syndication

Self-direct Offerings 

Technology is changing the world of finance and raising capital is shifting from the banks, who in the past have been the gatekeepers- to the entrepreneurs who see open market platforms as the future.

Vibrant investor communities are being nurtured by skilled platform managers that promote Sponsors that meet investor expectations and generate lasting sources of value.


Sponsors can now raise capital using SEC Regulation D 506 c Offering by organizing a well thought out Capital Campaign with a digital presence on the Open Source Capital Network.

Forming real estate syndication with help from Open Source Capital is saving Sponsors thousands of dollars by raising money themselves and creating a level of trust and accountability with Investors.


With Open Source Capital as part of your team, we arrange and help manage your Syndication with advanced yet simple and reliable tools and solutions for raising equity and debt.  With a commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. This gives you more time to focus on what you do best—promote your company, meet investors and develop your products and services.

Regulation D 506 (c ) Self-Directed Offerings developed by Open Source Capital are designed to be provided at a significantly lower cost than through crowdfunding platforms and traditional investment banks. 

Our business is working with selected companies to design results-based Capital Campaigns using Self Directed Offering.  We also help companies secure senior loans, construction loans, and JV Partners.  Capital is sourced from institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals interested in SMEs and real estate.  Sponsors profit directly from our worldwide network and the local market access.  We focus on deal sizes between $1-$200 million with operators and developers involved in value-add and ground-up developments.

Given the specific details of a project, we help raise the capital needed to finance complex real estate deals.  Our management team’s combined expertise in vetting, structuring, underwriting, and marketing FINRA and NON-FINRA real estate security offerings.  Our involvement helps investors to act quickly when considering various investment opportunities.  Our combined resources provide prompt customer service, as well as, accurate and timely information for account billing, follow-up, financial reporting, and management review. Operations include asset management functions including monitoring of construction performance and on-going market analysis.  Our managers closely monitor the investments to help identify any potential underperformance and work with the deal Sponsors to remedy the situation in an expeditious manner to help mitigate any effects of underperformance.  Our asset managers are responsible for understanding the Company’s business plan with respect to each property and monitoring performance against that plan. The members of the management teams have extensive experience in all aspects of the real estate and securities business, including debt and equity placement, residential & commercial construction and development, institutional investment management, commercial lending, alternative debt financing, structuring and syndication.  Senior management also has a strong background in asset management, creditors’ rights, and risk management. Overall, members of management team each have an average of more than 30 years’ experience in this business and provide clients access to a broad referral network with significant practical knowledge of real estate investment, development, and capital markets.

 A Guide for Investors and Developers

  • The Days of 80 to 90% bank project financing are gone.
  • Project financing now requires real equity and almost always involves an outside equity partner.
  • Today’s LP equity partners are providing up to 90% of the 30-40% equity requirement sought by most construction lenders.
  • From a developer’s perspective, LP equity allows the developer to generate fees and preserve capital to support the soft cost associated with pre-development. From an LP equity investor’s perspective, investment in a development deal provides the high risk-adjusted returns in real estate, typically only found in the case of distressed or turnaround situations.
  • From an investment perspective, OpenSource brings an additional level of underwriting and investment management for the benefit of the GP, the LP, and the lender.
  • Open Book investors are prepared to take on equity risk in return for a very high expected level of return. Target returns for opportunity funds and high net worth individuals are currently in the low to mid-20s, based on time horizons of 3 to 4 years.

      You have a passion for great real estate projects

     We have a passion for helping you finance them

Considering the fact that our engagement is 97% results-based and only expands your options, there is rarely an advantage to waiting.


Our Services, as further specified may include:
  1. Project Financial Modeling and Pricing ( We build independent financial models based on our own experience and research)
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Construction cost review
  4. Developing Pitch Decks
  5. Underwriting and Stress Testing
  6. Setting up a “SPV” as Issuer
  7. Developing Private Placement Memorandums for (Regulation D 506c Offerings)
  8. Developing Term Sheets
  9. Sourcing Senior and Mezzanine Mortgages and negotiating terms
  10. Portal Placement and Maintenance
  11. Arranging due diligence and investor meeting
  12. Marketing/Branding
  13. JV Investor Sourcing
  14. Coordinating Due Diligence
  15. Developing Terms of Operating Agreement
  16. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Construction Agreements
  17. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Property Management Agreements
  18. Coordinating the Closing
  19. Project monitoring
  20. Transaction Management
  21. Debt, or JV Equity Placement
  22. Branding Marketing