Investor 2 Sponsor, Dequity is changing the way projects get funded.

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Opportunities for Financial Sponsors “Issuers” to leverage their capital is starting to take hold, according to Kyle Meyer, managing director of Open Source Capital, LLC








“We ask Financial Issuers, why not engage Investor 2 Borrower Dequity Lending as part of your investment strategy and earn a carried interest in deals you support?  With Investor 2 Sponsor Dequity Lending, Financial Issuers can provide meaningful due diligence and certainly to a funding. For this, Financial Issuers can earn a promote as a lead investor in the deal.  Investors can go online to review deals that have been vetted by Financial Issuers.  Cost efficiencies can be a win-win for all. 

“I’ve never seen an opportunity as good as Investor 2 Sponsor Dequity Lending to leverage a Financial Issuers’s capital.  Unlike corporate bonds or standard mortgages, dequity could pay off a small fortune – as long as one is willing to take the risk associate with real estate lending.  Real estate lending can be a high risk business, so you’ve got to be able to do your homework,” Meyer said, and there’s no telling when the real estate recovery will change.

 For Investors, Open Book Offer’s Lender 2 Sponsor Dequity does five things:

  • Provides a stage to showcase vetted real estate investments
  • Allows accredited investors an opportunity to invest with other professional investors at the same valuation
  • Allows investors access to deals that might not otherwise have been available
  • Reduces the risk of 100% ownership in a single loan
  • Reduces the amount of time and cost to source new investments


Are you looking for quality deal flow? 

We believe there has never been a better time to be in the real estate business.

The capital inefficiencies placed upon real estate lending have been exacerbated by the regulations placed on commercial banks, both large and small, forcing them to dramatically tighten credit standards, if not withdraw from the market altogether.  This contraction in the traditional capital supply has only increased the need for our Company’s products.

Industry Overview

Serving the under-banked population is a target rich environment.  As a Financial Sponsor/lender you can provide an alternative to traditional bank lending for a portion of the borrowers who cannot access traditional bank lending facilities.

We anticipate that Lender 2 Sponsor Dequity Lending could become the primary credit provider for many more borrowers in the future.  We provide you with the tools to structure and provide financial products that address this underserved market.

So how does a Financial Issuer profit from this?

Open Book lets Financial Issuers earn carry when they crowdfund a loan.  In exchange, accredited investors get access to deals that might not have been available.


  • Real-estate crowdfunding puts more deals in front of investors
  • Venture capital dollars are flowing into Peer 2 Peer real-estate Lending now that the public has warmed to the idea of making investments online
  • Open Source Capital handles the upfront and operational issues for Sponsors.
  • Open Book handles the operational issues for Issuers and Investors.

We have built a platform for Financial Sponsors (Issuers) so that Issuers can make mortgage loans and leverage their capital by selling a portion of the loans to accredited investors via our online platform.

This potential for extraordinary growth and income is expressed by having a unique and proven concept that benefits completely from crowdfunding and (e-commerce) growth.

—Building a crowdfunding site as a single lender is risky and the potential return on investment can take a long time, if at all.  In order to maximize the growth potential of crowdfunding, we have opened up our site to multiple financial Issuers, each with a solid knowledge of real estate lending and the ability to help grow the business.

Open Book has a “Turn Key Program” that allows you to “Be a Financial Issuer” and  utilize the power of the promote.

Innovative:  Using Title II of the JOBS ACT, we issue securities that allow accredited investors to purchase between 50 to 90% of the funded loan amount.  You keep the balance and receive a “promote” on every loan.

  • Quantified:  Mortgage interest plus profit participation built into the Note
  • Strategic:  A structured process with risk management techniques that have been tested and tried by institutional lenders
  • No Back Office Needed:  We can provide your back office
  • Risk Based Pricing:  You determine your own risk-adjusted returns
  • You Determine:  Which loans to make

Our Unique Focus:

  • We help you set up your “SPE” Financial Issuer lending company
  • If needed, we will underwrite, fund and service “your loans” utilizing our proprietary lending system dedicated to Dequity Participation Loans
  • We have a highly disciplined and scalable capability of understanding and evaluating real estate assets
  • We have the systems and analytical framework to quickly formulate, structure, price and service your Dequity Participation Loans in accordance with your terms and lender regulations
  • If needed, we help provide hands-on, deep-dive due diligence
  • We raise capital from accredited investors to buy a portion of your loan
  • We quickly communicate our analysis and work with you to find funding solutions for your clients

The Originating, Underwriting and Funding Process:

  • You can originate your loans or you can invest in loans that we originate
  • If needed, we will conduct due diligence and underwrite your loans
  • You can determine the interest rate and terms of your loans
  • You can determine the revenue kicker incorporated into your loans
  • You issue the Commitment Letter
  • If needed, we service the loan for you
  • You can make returns as high as 41% p.a.


There will be a limited number of Financial Issuers on our platform.  If you have significant capital to invest as an individual, hedge fund, or family office, and have experience in lending or in real estate investment, you should call us now to see if we can work together and make you a “Financial Issuer.”