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Collective Auction Bidding allows Sponsors and Investors to collectively bid on auction properties.



 With the signing of the “Jobs Act,” crowdfunding stands to revolutionize the way real estate is purchased.

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Collective Bidding is a professional investor-centric syndication service that allows entrepreneurs and investors to use online syndication to collectively bid on vacation and investment properties.


We help make sure that the investment properties clients are investing in have been structured to ensure that the project sponsor is observing all rules, regulations, and best practices required for successful online investing.

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How investors participate:  Dequity Syndication Structure: (video)


  • If you decide that Collective Auction Bidding is right for you, you can become a Sponsor or an Investor. As a Sponsor you are a General Partner in a SPV that purchases the real estate.  As an Investor you become an investor in a MarketPlace SPV that becomes a lender to the Project LLC that acquires and operates the property.  Investors are entitled to receive interest plus a profit participation when the property is sold.
  • The Project Sponsor’s LLC will purchase the project with cash, or cash and a mortgage of up to 65% of the total project cost, giving the Sponsors a low LTV mortgage.
  • At the end of a (pre-determined investment period) the property will be sold and the sales proceeds will be used to first pay off the balance of the first mortgage and then the MarketPlace LLC’s loan, plus a share of any profit.





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