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Investors who want to be part of the real economy and play in the heavy entrepreneurial direct real estate investment space.




We operate a real estate investment platform that works with Private Equity Funds, Family Offices and Individual Investors to fund real estate projects. The company utilizes the JOBS ACT and new technology to build on its current position in the online investment field and to elevate the standards for serving established businesses and accredited investors.


Our strategy is to work with established real estate companies, private real estate funds and  accredited investors.


Our expertise is in sourcing, vetting, structuring and marketing real estate investments that offer investors solid risk-adjusted returns.


We help engineer a project’s entire capital structure, seeking to find the point where the risks and returns are well balanced and targeted goals can be easily met.


Desirable returns are created through valued added construction or new development, rather than the simple application of financial leverage.  By actively improving property values, clients are able to generate targeted returns in various market environments.


For companies needing financing, we provide an outsource solution for firms that don’t have an in-house finance department.  We solve their capital needs by structuring deals to include: senior loans, construction loans, mezzanine debt, preferred equity and strategic partnerships. We target market these deals to private real estate funds and high net worth individuals.

We believe that operating companies benefit greatly from having an experienced advisor that sits at the table.  As such, we provide an end-to-end transaction process by assembling and implementing a complete package.  Our innovative and timely advice covers all aspects, from financial modeling, underwriting, investor targeting, negotiating waterfall distributions, price strategy and documentation to efficiently capitalize your transaction.  We manages the process so our clients can focus on what’s important to them — building and managing residential rental income properties.

Our management team has worked together since 2001. During this time we have focused on financing real estate developers and homebuilders. The members of our management team have extensive experience in all aspects of our business, including residential construction and development, institutional investment management, construction lending, debt and equity structuring and syndication.  We have a strong background in underwriting, asset management and creditors’ rights, risk management and corporate governance.  Overall, our management team has an average of more than 30 years of experience and provides us with access to a broad referral network and significant practical knowledge of real estate investment, development and capital markets.


We believe that we have significant competitive advantages relating to our experienced management, our existing pipeline and market relationships, the strength of our underwriting and asset management capability, and in our structuring flexibility and speed of closing.


Our Strategy

The JOBS ACT allows general solicitation for accredited investors to participate in our investment platform.

This promises the makings of a massive trend, which is just now starting to take place.
As a result, we believe that an entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to help small balance real estate funds and retail investors find more qualified deals.

This may sound like a bold statement, but it’s not if you understand entrepreneurism the way we do. The reality is, direct investments in real estate are the way of the future.
Many investors are concerned or disenchanted with banks and private equity firms.  Many want to expand their investing, but are afraid to until there is a clearer indication of how the economy will fair.  We believe that our company will be a way for many people to start shifting their focus from waiting to executing.  By working with us, small balance real estate funds and retail investors can benefit from off-market investments that:


  1. create value
  2. are located in strong markets
  3. provide consistent cashflow
  4. have a high probability of rent increases
  5. have a history of management’s performance
  6. have a market-oriented management team
  7. have sponsors with the ability to develop, manage and lease
  8. have the proper capital stack
  9. are not correlated to the stock market
  10. have a realistic return on invested capital
  11. have a realistic exit strategy


Targeted Investments


We focus on working with firms that have a competitive advantage in their market and that can offer solid risk-adjusted returns to our investors.  Our targeted investments include:


  • Multifamily
  • Single Family rental
  • Townhouse rental
  • Lot Development
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Housing


Our Competitive Strengths


We believe our business possesses several characteristics that distinguish us from our competitors, including:


  • Experienced management. Our primary competitive advantage comes from our senior management team, which has operated in the lending business for over thirty years.  Each member of the senior management team has at least 20 years of relevant experience in high yield debt structuring, debt capital markets, origination, underwriting, credit, risk management, loan servicing, real estate development and construction, and corporate governance.


  • Market niche. The Company has successfully targeted the segment of the residential rental market occupied by small to medium-sized developers. These companies operate on a scale that allows them to acquire small, in-fill sites in strong growth markets. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, we believe that small and medium size developers will struggle to find equity and bank loans to acquire and improve projects.


  • Transaction pipeline and relationships. Our existing client relationships provide us access to a unique pipeline of opportunities. Our reputation with brokers for prompt response, creative structuring and reliability results in many new investment opportunities.  We continue to develop mutually beneficial relationships within the communities in which we operate.


  • Strong underwriting and asset management capabilities. We have developed industry-leading expertise in underwriting the types of investments we have successfully employed.  Our management specializes in deal structuring, credit agreements and loan participation agreements that protect our rights, mitigate losses and enhance returns.

We believe that investors are willing to finance projects that have been vetted by our management team and will view their investment as an alternative to other short-term income producing investments.


Targeted Returns

Our investments act as an “equity alternative” and typically are underwritten to yield internal rates of return of between 16 and 35% per annum.  Investor revenue is generally derived from cash-flows and profit participation.


Our investments can provide up to 90% of the equity capital required to acquire and improve a property.  Each investment finances a discrete project through a special purpose entity.  Our investments are senior to the borrower’s equity and the non-commoditized nature of the product allows for flexibility in obtaining favorable terms including fees, preferred returns and revenue participation.


Vast Market Opportunity Enhanced by Highly Underserved Client Base

Management believes that the Company’s focus on small and medium size clients will allow for the potential to serve a large customer base currently underserved by banks and other institutional lenders.  Management believes there has never been a better time to be in this business. Many lenders, unregulated private secured lenders and structured joint venture equity providers have consolidated into a small group of very large institutional investors with little appetite for real estate deals with unique requirements. The capital inefficiencies placed upon developers and homebuilders has been exacerbated by the 2008 downturn that has led many banks – large and small – to dramatically tighten credit standards, if not withdraw from the market altogether.  This contraction in the traditional capital supply to developers and homebuilders has only increased the need for the company’s products. Management believes that the non-commoditized nature of the company’s products will allow for flexibility and “investor favorable” terms.


Industry Overview

Serving the under-banked population is a target rich environment capable of producing rapid growth opportunity for the Company. The Company provides an alternative to traditional bank lending for only a small portion of the companies that cannot access traditional bank lending facilities mostly due to size or structure as opposed to quality.  Management anticipates that revenue participation investments could become the primary credit provider for many more real estate companies in the future.  The Company has the flexibility to structure and provide financial products that address this underserved market.