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The time to invest in off-market commercial real estate is now.

Don’t subject yourself to heavy management when you can invest with a Sponsor that syndicates

direct real estate deals with Open Source Capital


If the economy continues to improve as we expect in America, some people are going to make a lot of money in real estate.  So how can you participate in this asset class over the next few years?  Well, you can invest in funds that work with Open Source Capital.

Invest in assets that you can touch, along with the people and the strategy of knowing where your money is being invested.

Commercial real estate investing might prove to be even better than stock and bonds over the next decade.


Our clients specialize in being a “boots on the ground” resource for real estate investors looking for off-market real estate deals.  For many wealthy people, off-market real estate investments represent a sizable portion of their net worth.  We believe these assets deserve the same kind of attention that is given to financial investments, such as stocks and bonds.

We have a long history of working with Real Estate Developers and Investors helping them locate, finance, develop, and manage real estate.  As such, we form long-term relationships with an assortment of developers, private equity groups, and lenders nationwide.

Our Sponsors are located around the country. They understand the local market, which is critical because real estate values are very much influenced by local factors.

Here’s how you can get in on the action…

On our website, we explain the nuts and bolts of how Regulation D 506c works, and how real estate sponsors work with us to find and fund real estate development projects.  We, in turn, can help you find the kind of Sponsor you might want to invest with.

Investors know that they make money when they buy real estate and not when they sell.  We know that the art of negotiating the very best deal is where both the developer and the investor is poised for success.  This is something we are very good at.  We structure investments that impact the Investor’s bottom line and the Developer’s  bottom line and our reputation.

We can even arrange for you to visit projects and meet the developers as part of your due diligence.  This is a way to see opportunities for yourself. Best of all, the developer picks up most of the tab.



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