Sponsor Direct Collective Ownership





Sponsor Direct Collective Ownership

Learn how to syndicate real estate for 1031 Exchanges


A “paradigm shift,” using the JOBS ACT to facilitate a 1031 Exchange




The JOBS ACT has made it easier for more companies and investors to own real estate real estate together.


Sponsor-Direct Collective Ownership™

Our Sponsor-Direct Collective Ownership™ program is a structured real estate investment program for accreditied investors who want a complete package of services for acquiring, financing, and managing a customized portfolio of commercial properties.  Subsequent to an initial consultation, you will be presented with properties best matching your stated criteria, including pricing and cash flow projections.

Oue Sponsor-Direct Collective Ownership program can be structured as a “1031 Exchange.” We coordinate your exchange so that the identification and exchange process is seamless. This “turn-key” strategy also includes all legal work, escrow and closing, and we provide a tax opinion for investors who are in a 1031 exchange. This program is especially attractive for investors who want a truly management-free investment but want to maintain control of major investment decisions.



As part of our services we help companies and investors learn about the necessary forms and agreements needed to collectively own real estate, including:

  1. Ownership documents
  2. Private Placement Memorandums
  3. Operating Agreements
  4. Escrow agreements
  5. Subscription Agreements
  6. Developing proforma balance sheets and operating statements
  7. Preparing a business plan and exit strategy for the property
  8. Preparing a lease or shared use agreement
  9. Connecting with like-minded investors
  10. Property management  
  11. Investor relations and asset management