Our Business

Our Business 

We are trasaction facilitators for a small network of property owners, builders, and developers. 

We help clients product investment grade SEC Regulation 506c Offering.  

We provide our clients with the expertise they need to properly underwrite, package and syndicate a wide assortment of real estate projects spanning various sectors and geographies.

Our work helps Real Estate Syndicators form relationships with investors that have accumulated billions of dollars in aggregate net worth from various industry sectors that often bring more than just capital to a transaction.  

Our mission is to help structure compelling real estate opportunities aligned with our client’s strengths and competencies and get them to the closing table.  

We uniquely add value to projects by harnessing the collective marketing, legal, real estate, and capital market knowledge of our network.  We are always looking for qualified Sponsors where we can help build equity for  their network of investors.