Increase your deal flow

How do you find good deals?


The first and best place to look is your connective network. The ability to gain access to deal flow is something you should consider when hiring your attorney, CPA and investment advisor.  If your existing network has been exhausted we can bring you closer together with entrepreneurs.

As a high-net-worth investor, you probably tend is to stay under the radar (you may not use LinkedIn or have a website), which makes it nearly impossible for sponsors to send you unsolicited email pitches. So, it really comes down to having a trusted partner that can help you grow your sponsor network.

Being able to connect with Sponsors offering off-market deals is a natural process that online portals offer to investors.  We can help you find portals with deal flow and pre-screen opportunities.  We don’t just give you information—we give you essential information. The essential information you need to make decisions with conviction.

In a business world where ideas are your greatest asset, Open Source Capital takes the perspective that great ideas–produced by great talent–can come from everywhere.  If there’s a particular project or asset class you are interested in we can help you to become an integrated and informed investor with an experienced Sponsor.  Addressing that need involves first understanding your existing investment policy and then developing a pipeline of opportunities and sponsors that supply the right pipeline consistently.  We can bring a unique degree of outside experience that provides a fresh perspective on your investment process.

Business outcomes are generally obtained by a broad group of people that contribute to a project’s success or failure.

Allowing Open Source to become a valued part of your due diligence provides a solid and substantial gain for most investors.