Off Market investing is a process that requires careful analysis and direct access to information about off-market deals.

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We understand that real estate funds, family offices, and HNW investors rely on deal sponsors for maintaining their portfolios and they can rely on us to help provide suitable projects and transparent information.


We follow a multi-layered and rigorous investment process that has been developed through years of investment experience.

Deal Sourcing

We source transactions through our direct relationships and an extensive network, coupled with our online platform that extends our sourcing and underwriting capabilities.

Due Diligence and Investment Selection

We have a disciplined and rigorous due diligence process by which we evaluate deals. We conduct appropriate assessment and due diligence on all aspects of potential transactions, including:

  • Sponsor credibility and track record
  • Detailed financial, legal and market feasibility of the investment opportunity
  • Investment lifecycle risk, including land acquisition, zoning and approvals, construction, financing, marketing/ selling, and exit.

Investment Structuring

After we have selected the investment, we explore structuring options for the transaction to derive maximum value for investors.  We review taxation and cash flow distribution issues and ensure that all regulatory aspects are suitably addressed at inception.

Monitoring and Value Addition Through the course of the investment, we work along with the company management to navigate the real estate project cycle right from the land acquisition stage. We monitor project investments to ensure adherence to cost budgets and development timelines.  Our asset managers work with developers to enhance the long-term value of the asset and to ensure the safety and security of investments.

OUR PLATFORM offers investors a private online platform to review off-market deals and to accelerate the due diligence process by:

  • Reducing the cost of deal acquisition
  • Reducing the cost and time to examine a private security offering
  • Reducing the risk of regulatory compliance issues
  • Providing online distribution of PPM’s and project level data
  • Linking investors to a broader network of off-market deals
  • Allowing investors to initiate project reviews without costly initial meeting.
  • Filtering sponsors to match investment criteria.
  • Automating document generation and signatures.
  • Eliminating paper and improving efficiencies.
  • Building efficient workflows to maximize staff efforts.
  • Providing collaboration among all stakeholders to supply, collect, view, review and approve documents.

We believe that investing in Funds that utilizes  “Off Market Deals”  provide a better risk-adjusted return on capital.

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