Dequity – Provides investors an attractive interest rate plus an upside profit participation 



(Blending the traits of debt and equity we create a hybrid security known as dequity)



Savvy Real Estate Sponsors are using Dequity to help finance their projects…

Many investors have expressed frustration in the lack of high-quality real estate deals, while sponsors have been stymied by a lack of capital to support senior mortgage loans.

We invite experienced project Sponsors and Non-US Investors to try a “Syndicated Dequity Program”.  As the Sponsor, you determine the terms of the Dequity.   As an Investor you select the Dequity you want to own.  We typically syndicate Dequity  from $2,000,000.00 to $50,000,000.00


  How it works:

  • First, we work with you to design a capital stack and offering documents that meet SEC requirements in order to solicit funding from Non-US investors.
  • Then, we produce a proforma “term sheet”.
  • Then, we market a syndicated (“Dequity Investment”) based on your terms.  The dequity marketing campaign is designed to reach out to thousands of targeted investors that are actively investing in your type of project.
  • Once enough qualified investors have express interest in your project you close on the Dequity and the funds are released to you and investors start receiving a preferred return on the Dequity.



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