About Our Platform


The Open Book Platform

Directly invest with some of the top real estate investors in the world, together with friends, family, high net worth Individuals and private equity funds



  • Direct investment opportunities  involve a high degree of risk, and are only suitable for “accredited investors” as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


  • All investors are encouraged to seek legal and other professional counsel prior to making any investments.



OPEN BOOK  is an online platform solution for Sponsors to conduct Self-Directed Private Security Offering across a spectrum of needs and assets.  The OPEN BOOK enables issuers to conduct a FINRA compliant Self-Directed Regulation D 506c Offering online and manage the offering for the life of the investment.  

The OPEN BOOK provides RIA’s, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals and Private Equity Funds access to real estate projects where we have helped the Issuer organize, structure and market the Offering.


The Open Book Platform

  • Reduces the cost of deal acquisition
  • Reduces the cost and time to deploy a private security offering
  • Reduces the risk of regulatory compliance issues
  • Provides online distribution of PPM’s and project level data to investors
  • Links sponsors to a broader network of investors
  • Allows investors to initiate project reviews without costly initial meeting.
  • Filters sponsors to match investment criteria.
  • Automates document generation and signatures.
  • Eliminates paper and improves efficiencies.
  • Builds and manages efficient workflows to maximize staff efforts.
  • Provides collaboration among all stakeholders to supply, collect, view, review and approve documents.


We believe that “open and transparent private investments” provide investors the best risk-adjusted returns on capital.


We believe that investors are willing to invest capital into projects that have been structured by input from our experienced management teams and we believe that investors will view our Issuers as a better alternative than other or similar types of private investments.


Our Platform has unique characteristics that distinguish us from our competitors, including:

  • Experienced management. Our primary competitive advantage comes from our alliance with senior management teams, that have  operated in the institutional investment and lending markets serving high net worth, ultra-high net worth and institutional investors.  Alliance members have years of relevant experience in equity and debt capital markets, private placements, capital raising, high yield debt structuring, equity & debt capital markets, origination, underwriting, credit, risk management, loan servicing, advertising, public relations, real estate development, construction and corporate governance.
  • Market niche. The Open Book Platform has targeted the segment of the real estate market occupied by non-public real estate operators, builders and developers.  These companies operate on a scale that allows them to acquire “off-market”, in-fill sites in strong growth markets.  Currently, and for the foreseeable future, we believe that non-public size developers will struggle to find equity and bank loans to acquire and improve projects.  Our platform and collective resources solves these issues for the non-public developers, providing a comprehensive suite of services in order to facilitate development projects.


  • Strong underwriting and asset management capabilities. We have developed industry-leading expertise in due diligence and underwriting the types of investments we target for our investors.  Our management specializes in deal structuring, due diligence, credit agreements, loan participation agreements and preferred equity investments that protect investor rights, mitigate losses and enhance returns.


  • Open Book works specifically with licensed Broker/Dealers to provide best execution for private capital raising.


These presentations contain confidential and proprietary information to be used solely for purposes of discussion, to determine preliminary interest in establishing a business relationship with Open Source Capital, LLC and our Sponsor/Developers.  Under no circumstances are these presentations to be used or considered as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy any security.  Any such offer may only be made pursuant to a prospectus, or other offering documents, meeting the requirement of applicable Federal and State securities laws.  The information contained herein is in summary form for convenience of presentation.  It is not complete and it should not be relied upon as such.