Real Estate Agents- learn about “Collective Real Estate Ownership Listings”

Real Estate Brokers – Increase your market worldwide by showing  your customers how to use “Collective Real Estate Ownership” to buy property”

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Now is the time!

On May 23rd 2016 the JOBS Act changed the way real estate can be purchased and financed.  Collective Real Estate Ownership can make you become an early adaptor in your industry.

Disruptors are everywhere

 Uber * Airbnb * Peer2Peer Lending * Crowdfunding * facebook * EBay * Zillow * Legal Zoom


The Opportunity


Make yourself more valuable with a “new business line” that can help you compete in the new shared economy


As an experienced real estate broker you know how to market real estate and grow your client base.

You may now want to consider offering “Collective Real Estate Ownership Listing” to your clients and the world.

This is an opportunity to add another line of business that leverages on your client relationships.

With your strong Internet presence  you will be able to fast tract your business by leveraging on the business you already have.

START YOUR NEW BUSINESS TODAY by establishing a “Collective real Estate Ownership Listing Program”  that will give you an early leg up on the competition.

From licensing to  operations our entire focus is based on helping to ensure that you have what you need to better serve your clients.

You will have (7) day support with training focused on your unique needs.

Open Source Capital works with real estate brokers and financial advisors and planners to provide them with real estate investments and structures than can be offered to their investor clientele. It is critical to not only hear their clients’ needs, but then to be able to offer a multitude of options. Ultimately, they will recommend the best course for their client— we just want to provide them with great opportunities and structured solutions to best serve their needs. Depending on the complexity of a clients’ needs, the ideal solution may not be an “off-the-shelf” packaged product. In addition to our syndicated investment products, we provide customized structured investments that take into account the unique circumstances of each client in varying types of transactions. Clients will certainly appreciate having additional options and seeing an investment plan that focuses on their individual needs.


Setup and  Management

Your Collective Real Estate Ownership Lising program is a turn–key operation.

  • We will help you build and manage your SEC compliant Listings.
  • We will help you and your customers organized their partnerships, price the equity and make sure that the properties they are buying are vetted and structured to ensure compliance with all rules, regulations, and best practices required for successful Collective Real Estate Ownership.
  • We will help you manage your new business and help you grow your client base.
  • Our experienced teams are available to provide purchase, construction,
    tenant procurement & property management solutions/consulting if needed.

Call or email us today to find out how a Collective Real Estate Ownership Listing Program can help you grow your business.



Open Source Capital’s management team is a recognized leader in the evolving market for electronic commerce.

Since 1993 we have uniquely designed platforms to facilitate “online” financial transactions.

  • We were the first entraprauners to originate a loan over the internet.
  • Our company American Finance and Investment, “AFI” was the original mortgage lender on
  • AFI became the private label call center for many banks and mortgage companies, including Quicken loans and SouthTrust Bank.
  • AFI was later acquired by Virginia Saving Bank in June of 1996.

PETERSBURG, Va., June 27 /PRNewswire/ — Virginia First Savings Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Virginia First Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: VFFC) today announced an agreement in principle to acquire American Finance and Investments, Inc. (“AFI”), for an undisclosed amount of cash. AFI is a national mortgage brokerage firm which has been a pioneer in developing alternative delivery systems for financial products, with a concentration on electronic commerce over the Internet, telesales and strategic affinity relationships. AFI currently offers mortgage loans “online” in forty-two states, conducting all business from a single office. Charles A. Patton, President of Virginia First Saving Bank, stated, “Management of Virginia First recognizes the pace by which technology is impacting the delivery of financial products and services. Independently developing software or failing to respond to change were not considered viable alternatives; therefore, the acquisition of AFI provides a unique springboard for the expansion of electronic commerce to the bank’s customer base. Our introduction to this medium of product delivery will logically expand to other bank related products and services.” 

While working at Virginia Saving Bank the bank was acquired by BB&T.  In 1998 the Open Source Capital team moved on to helped launch one of the first online only commercial banks, “”

It’s been about two decades since a financial company really changed the world. Join us in the next chapter of what they now call “FINTECH” and let us help you lead the way in supporting the future of real estate transactions.


Collective Real Estate Ownership is an organized and efficient way to pool capital and buy real estate with (family, friends and others) with confidence, trust and compliance.

Collective Real Estate Ownership is both practical, fun and effortless, allowing your clients to enjoy the benefits of owning quality real estate that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Together we can help clients make sure that the properties they are buying are vetted and structured to ensure that they are observing all rules, regulations, and best practices required for successful crowdfunding investing.

Call or email us today to find out how a private label Collective Real Estate Ownership can help your clients buy their next vacation home or investment property.