Sponsors Tell Your Story



Want to tell investors about your story?


Aspiring entrepreneurs can give themselves a powerful “advantage” by simply educating investors about themselves with a private syndication designed and executed by professionals



A well-managed Private Syndication is more than just asking for money- it’s a way to build trust.



Real Estate Sponsors -Present at Investor Only Events

“Having worked with developers for several years we set up meetings that allow Sponsors to present their investment opportunities to investors interested in real estate development”


What many entrepreneurs often miss is a chance to tell their story to investors.  A Private Syndication presented with a strong and well-thought-through excel spreadsheet can explain your in-depth knowledge of development costs, categorizing development activities and explaining how you apply money and time to these activities will demonstrate that you’re planning for success.

It also shows investors that you’re deliberate in filtering all the potential situations that could impact your project’s development.

Being able to generate concrete numbers to your partners often goes overlooked. If you try and guess when you don’t have reliable numbers, you can get caught flatfooted.

This, in turn, questions your forecasted returns, your ability to determine your effective IRR, and lowers investor expectations.

When lenders or equity partners look at you, they want to know that the cash flows from the project is going to cover your cost, the debt service, and produce a return.

Just as important as the numbers in the spreadsheet, the numbers never tell the whole story. Being a developer archaeologist and identifying the painstaking details of your project can make the difference between investors taking a pass on your project or having the project become their next investment.