Sponsors -connect directly with investors.   Open Source Capital can help you design  Private Syndications and form strong relationships with professional accredited investors.

Open Source Capital specializes in structuring syndications for companies that are demonstrating strong growth with experienced management.  Our managers and key associates are experts in helping clients utilize online investment portals, legally communicate with Co-Sponsors and LP investors and helping clients self-syndicate their projects.

Few private business owners think about the wealth they may be able to create by forming ventures with partners.  Is your company interested in expanding into new markets or strategically increasing market share in selective markets?  If so Open Source Capital can help.

Experienced Management

The most important requirement is the quality and integrity of management. We seek to work with entrepreneurs who have significant equity positions in each deal and have experience in their asset class.

Open Source Capital has extensive contacts with online funding portals, senior managers of many of today’s leading real estate investment funds and high net worth individuals.

Our analysts are standing ready to review and structure projects to comply with SEC Regulation D 506c guidelines

Putting Operators and JV partners together
  • Identify JV partners in client’s specific markets
  • Contact JV partners on a confidential basis to gather information on the desired product, markets, price points, etc.
  • Define the changes needed in your business to position your company for JV opportunities.
  • Provide viable candidates to either provide entry into a new market or expand your existing operations
Valuation Model
  • Prepare or review Developers financial information
  • Review product and evaluate competitive position
  • Discuss projects on a confidential basis with local experts and brokers
  • Prepare the offering package
  • Value a project based on current market realities and structure compared to other successful past transactions
Transaction Assistance
  • Assist in negotiations with targeted partners
  • Assessment of the viability of various platforms being considered
  • Selection and posting deals on portals
  • Assist legal and accounting professionals with closing the transaction
  • Debt placement
  • Developing and implementing a Capital and Branding Campaign


SPONSOR EXPERIENCE: Sponsors with 5 or more years of development experience.
INVESTMENT STRATEGY: Ground-up Construction or Value-add
RAISE AMOUNT: $5 – $100M
HOLD PERIOD: 3-7 years preferred
LEVERAGE: Senior loan Maximum 75%
LEVERED RETURNS (IRR): Minimum 15-20%+  to investors
MARKET POPULATION: Greater than 40,000 people within a 5-mile radius
  • Multifamily
  • Single Family
  • Townhouse
  • Condo
  • Mixed Use
  • Hospitality
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Housing
RESTRICTIONS: No unzoned or farmland

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