Project Funding

Capital is shifting from the banks who invest in the past to the entrepreneurs and funds who invest in the future.


We market directly to global family offices and private investment funds.

If you are an established real estate professional buying, repositioning or developing property and are looking to fund your project with private capital we want to help!


Technology is Changing the World of Finance


Now you can use the “Stonegate-Open Source Platform” as a solution for raising capital


Senior Loans

Construction Loans

Dequity Loans

LP Preferred Equity

Co-Sponsor Equity



You have a passion for great real estate projects

We have a passion for helping you finance them

We work online and offline to help you craft solutions for financing your projects.

We work with real estate portals that host the “Stonegate FundEngine” that connects you with Private Equity Funds, Family Offices and other investors.

Our expertise in vetting, underwriting,  structuring and marketing real estate projects to help investors act quickly when considering various investment opportunities.


 We help raise capital for successful businesses with seasoned management teams that can invest at least $100,000 in equity toward their project.  Clients typically are seeking to raise $1 million to $50 million in Mezz debt or preferred equity to help finance their projects.



Considering the fact that our engagement only expands your options and that our fees are 99% success-based, there is rarely an advantage to waiting.


Our Services, as further specified may include:

  1. Project Financial Modeling and Pricing
  2. Developing Pitch Decks
  3. Underwriting and Stress Testing Projects
  4. Setting up a “SPV” as Issuer
  5. Developing Private Placement Memorandums for (Regulation D 506 and Title III)
  6. Developing Trustee Agreements
  7. Developing Term Sheets
  8. Developing Mortgage and Note Terms
  9. Developing Indenture Terms and Agreements
  10. Portal Placement and Management
  11. Expenses for travel, due diligence expenses and investor meeting
  12. Marketing/Branding
  13. Investor Sourcing
  14. Coordinating Due Diligence
  15. Negotiating Term Sheets
  16. Developing Terms of Operating Agreement
  17. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Construction Agreements
  18. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Property Management Agreements
  19. Coordinating the Closing
  20. Transaction Management and Coordination of Funds Disbursement
  21. Investor Relations
  22. Loan Servicing
  23. Distribution of 1099’s or K1’s to Investors


Upon OSC’s acceptance of a transaction, we charge a non-refundable Engagement Fee between $5 and $15  thousand dollars (the “Engagement Fee”) depending on the complexity of the offering to help cover the cost of Items 1-19 above.

  1. If applicable, a portal placement fee may be paid to a designated third party “portal website“, and
  1. Upon the Company closing any real estate Sale, Lease, or Financing Agreement, the Company will pay OSC any other OSC real estate or consulting fees as specified in the accepted Project Budget and Term Sheet.