Six Steps for raising capital

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Open Source Capital is excited to offer specially crafted Capital Campaigns for Sponsors wanting to raise capital on the RealConnex Self-Syndication Platform


Any given syndication project is comprised of hundreds of necessary details. With a history of financing over 250 development projects, OSC is adept at helping Sponsors successfully deliver an institutional-quality partnership that is designed to align all stakeholders and identify potential issues before they arise.


Let us bring our team of professionals to bear on behalf of your firm.

The Six Steps to Raising Capital using Platform Financing                                               

  1. Design a Capital Campaign
  2. Prepare Offering Documents
  3. Post your deal on Syndication Portal
  4. Market your Project
  5. Introduce Investors
  6. Close the Deal


How we work with you:

At Open Source Capital we continually think about new ways for members to do business with innovative technology solutions that help you reach out to customers, streamline your operations, help you find funding, and enhance your overall RealConnex experience.

The process:

Phase I (free pre-engagement analysis)

  • 1. Review Business Plan
  • 2. Review Company’s project proforma

Phase II (Engagement)

  • 1. Prepare Financial Model and proforma term sheet (first-time client fee $10,000)
  • 3. Prepare Offering documents (first-time client fee $20,000)
  • 4. Prepare Capital Campaign
  • 5. Posting on Syndication Platform (monthly fee during capital raise- $300 per $1,000,000 of   equity)
  • 6. Implement Marketing Campaign
  • 7. Meet Investors
  • 8. Coordinating the Closing
  • 9. Work product fee upon completion of project financing (varies by project)