Redefine your capital stratagy


We help you raise capital by using Syndication as a business strategy.  

The process starts by designing a Capital Campaign composed of six phases, whereby we will take on the roles of advisor, strategist, and marketing consultant to help you execute a private syndication offering as a capital campaign and branding activity, oriented around a specific project.  You pay an underwriting, document prep, and hosting fee for direct expenses and when the objectives of the capital campaign are met we receive a Consulting Fee, the “Work Product Fee“.

 The Scope of our work is as follows:

Phase I – Initial Transaction Review and Consideration

  1. Review Company’s transaction proforma
  2. Review transaction business plan

Phase II – Transaction Acceptance by OSC

  1. Engagement to provide services related to Accepted Consulting Transaction
  2. Review transaction acquisition, development, and construction costs and operational revenues
  3. Develop transaction structure and prepare financial model and structure terms
  4. Prepare an Operating Agreement for the project entity corresponding to the financing structure
  5. Prepare transaction Escrow Agreement
  6. Underwriting and stress test financing model
  7. Revise the financial model and Operating Agreement structure as may be required
  8. Assist, as may be required, in the preparation of transaction entity formation and necessary documentation
  9. Prepare a Private Placement Memorandum for a Regulation D 506(b) Offerings, for investor subscription

Phase III 

  1.  Submit the PPM to Broker/Dealer for FINRA review, as may be required

Phase IV

  1. Place the transaction offering on the secured portal website, as may be required
  2. Provide portal maintenance and updating
  3. Start the marketing campaign
  4. Setup escrow and wiring instructions
  5. Coordinating due diligence
  6. Assist in the negotiation and review of lender term sheets

 Phase V

  1. Continue executing the marketing plan
  2. Review mortgage and note terms
  3. Marketing/Branding/Advertising per the approved capital campaign
  4. Assist in the development of terms of construction agreements, as may be required
  5. Assist in the development of terms of property management agreements, as may be required
  6. Assist in placing an offering with a Broker/Dealer, as may be required
  7. Review terms of any Broker/Deal selling agreement
  8. Assist in coordinating the closing

Phase VI Closing/Post Closing

  1. Portal maintenance
  2. Investor updates
  3. Post-campaign marketing/branding

Optional Services:

  1. Sourcing senior debt
  2. Sourcing JV Co-Sponsors
  3. Sourcing Broker/Dealer Sales by FINRA Members


 Open Source Capital, LLC, does not perform any activities of a lawyer, CPA, broker/dealer or investment adviser, including but not limited to, providing investment advice, negotiating securities transactions or recommending the purchase of securities.