Investing with a developer


Modern technology and changes in SEC regulations have helped to make real estate investing “open” to a broader range of investors. Open Source Capital provides a solution that gives Builders and Developers greater access to investors while reducing the costs.

For investorsРour program facilitates an Open Source platform for accredited investors to directly invest in commercial real estate where the entire process is managed by professionals.

Our program allows Investors to:

*Receive deals relevant to their stated criteria

*Maintain anywhere/anytime communication with alliance partners

*Find new market opportunities

*Respond to changing markets

*Leverage the skillsets of successful Builders, Developers and Capital Providers

*Have a significant business impact on local communities with a sustainable value

Open Source Capital has a distinct sourcing advantage, which has resulted in off-market access to virtually hundreds of opportunities.  In addition to this sourcing advantage, Open Source Capital has relationships with FINRA Registered Security Brokers/Dealers that can help investors analyze and purchase Limited Partnership Units in SEC Regulation D 506c Offerings.