Real Estate Syndication for Members

Qualified Members can utilize the Self Syndication platform to run a fully compliant SEC Regulation D 506 (c) Offering to raise equity for their projects

    • How it Works   
      • Contact Open Source Capital
      • Open Source Capital will review your project for qualification
        1. Open Source Capital and their legal counsel will develop an SEC compliant “PPM”
        2. RealConnex will review and approve the project
      • Once approved, the deal will be posted on the syndication portal and an “Invest Now” button will be added to your deal listing and you can now actively raise funds for your deal
    • What You Get
      • Open Source Capital “Life of Capital Campaign” concierge assistance
      • All the tools you need to allow investors to invest online
      • Full issuer management dashboard
      • RealConnex marketing tools
    • RealConnex marketing
      • Deals are promoted to selected RealConnex members interested in joining syndications
      • Emailed Deal of the Day Bulletin members
      • Top listing on RealConnex deals
      • Promoted to selected investors in their feed
      • Live Webinar pitch option to syndication interested members
      • Syndication Sponsors may also elect RCX Capital Group to sell their deal to their RIA partners for a success fee of 2.5%. *

 The Scope of Work & Fees

   Our scope of work is extensive and our fees are 99% result-based

Promote your underwritten deal to profiled RealConnex Club of high net worth and family offices.