Self Directed Syndication Documents

Why put together a syndication?

The simple answer is- there is no way an entrepreneur can assemble large sums of money and control large real estate deals as through syndication.

How does one do it?

The RealConnex Self-Syndication Platform Offering Model is designed to simplify a complicated business that involves securities law, real estate law, partnership and corporate law, real estate knowledge and the sensible application of assembling a team to add know-how to your efforts.

As your RealConnex concierge, we will take you through the technical issues, the capital structuring issues, the marketing issues, the waterfall calculations and other profit-sharing opportunities.  You will be taught how to raise money from accredited investors and you will be told the risks involved.

You will be provided information on how to address SEC and state blue-sky securities laws.

You will be advised of the expense and time required and we will help you navigate in an area of real estate that little has been written about and many mistakes have been made.



What does it cost?

Outsource your capital raise

Syndication Due Diligence Download

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