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 Entrepreneurs Capitalizing on Changing Demographics, Technology and Niche Markets


With technology improving, Real Estate professionals are able to reach a larger population and investment products are being sliced into numerous, smaller pieces of pie.  In many cases, these small slices represent the most interesting and promising investments for diversified portfolios.

The products and markets that broker/dealers are currently using as investment strategies for clients can be complemented in a material way through Open Book Syndication.

Market segmentation, product customization, and cash flow investing will be the watchwords for successful investments in the future.

Tailoring investments to meet the needs of specific investors will be the key to success for many firms.

We welcome experienced brokers and bankers to join our syndication network by contacting Kyle Meyer  kmeyer@opensourcecap.com


  • Help your clients develop Joint Ventures or Regulation D 506c Offering
  • Use our Online platform to build a book of Sponsors
  • Select the type of deals that you want to work on.
  • Choose the clients and associates that you want to work with
  • Choose the hours you want to work
  • Choose where you want to live.
  • Offload items that you need to do, but don’t like to do, to our back office and subcontractors
  • Work remote
  • Try things without jumping through a bunch of corporate hoops
  • Being independent keeps you addicted to learning
  • There is no limit to how much money you can make