Our Sponsors look for something more than just money. They want an advisor with “tactical knowledge” and a platform that can help them in building their business.

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We offer a cost-effective option for real estate related companies wanting to raise capital and build their business with others.

Our strategy is focused on helping companies raise capital and build their brand, by educating investors about who they are, what they bring to the table, and why investors should be inspired to invest with them time and time again.

By providing credible, third-party advice, and leveraging our close relationship with the investor community, Open Source Capital consistently positions Issuers with leading investors.

Our use of a secure state-of-the-art accredited investment platform provides Sponsors an efficient way to raise capital with maximum distribution and transparency.

(Regulation D Section 506c Offerings)



Open Source Capital takes on the roles of Capital Campaign Marketing and Administrator for the Issuer.

Marketing is targeted to investors worldwide, giving firms maximum exposure to the capital markets.



Services Include:

  1. Project Financial Modeling and Pricing

  2. Developing Pitch Decks

  3. Underwriting and Stress Testing Projects

  4. Setting up a “SPV” as Issuer

  5. Developing Private Placement Memorandums for (Regulation D Section 506c)

  6. Developing Term Sheets

  7. Developing Mortgage and Note  Agreements

  8. Developing Indenture Agreements

  9. Marketing/Branding
  10. Portal Placement

  11. Co-GP Investor Sourcing

  12. Coordinating Due Diligence

  13. Developing Terms of Operating Agreement
  14. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Construction Agreements

  15. Developing Terms of (Investor/Developer) Property Management Agreements

  16. Coordinating the Closing

  17. Transaction Management and Coordination of Funds Disbursement

  18. Investor Relations

  19. Loan Servicing


FEES- with online syndication certain costs and expenses are incurred regardless of whether or not a transaction is consummated. Upon Acceptance of our Engagement Letter, Sponsors remit to OSC an Engagement fee to help cover initial expenses.


Securities offered through registered broker-dealers, Members of FINRA (http://www.finra.org/) /SIPC (http://www.sipc.org/) 11390 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 380, Los Angeles, CA 90064 – BrokerCheck (https://brokercheck.finra.org/).  Investment opportunities listed involve a high degree of risk, and are only suitable for “accredited investors” as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. All investors are encouraged to seek legal and other professional counsel prior to making any investments.