Collective Ownership “Partnership in a Box”

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The New Shared Economy

Disruptors are everywhere


 Uber * Airbnb * Peer2Peer Lending * Crowdfunding * facebook * EBay * Zillow * Legal Zoom


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And now there is Partnership in a Box

(collective real estate  ownership)


“Partnership in a Box” allows clients the benefit of having a team of industry experts helping them to collectively; buy, finance and operate real estate from start to finish.

Partnership in a Box provides an easy way to collectively purchase property with other like-minded people.

 Open Source Capital’s “Partnership in a Box” does four things:

  • Provides everything you need to form a partnership to collectively own property.

  • Allows friends, family and other investors an opportunity to be “a part of your project”.

  • Allows you to raises funds without a personal guarantee.

  • Reduces the risk of high leverage.


Why Open Source Capital?


Open Source Capital works with Crowdfunding Portals to help you purchase second homes and investment real estate.  

If you hire accountants to prepare your financials, and hire lawyers for your legal work, then you need Open Source Capital to help you buy and finance your second home or investment property.  Open Source Capital, with its proven track record can alleviate the pressure of forming a partnership and arranging financing, so you can focus on your project and offer what savvy investors want.