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About Open Source Capital

We help sponsors in the real estate development business achieve their full potential.  We actively engage, through strategic counsel, administrative support, detailed financial analysis and stress-testing, effective capital campaigns for clients looking to raise both debt and equity capital.  Using our relationships with investors and online real estate investment portals, we help companies secure capital to finance ground-up and value-add projects.  Our goal is to create value for investors by vetting middle market builders and developers and fostering their success.  By focusing on the sponsor, the market, the investment structure and the project, we balance the risk and reward throughout the capital stack.

Open Source Capital is building a global investment network by:

  1. Providing Sponsors- an outsource solution to specifically engage in the capital raising process.
  2. Providing Investors- vetted real estate deals.
  3. Providing Real Estate Portals – consistent high quality and vetted deal flow
  4. Providing Registered Investment Advisors and Broker/Dealers- alternative real estate investment options

The Open Source Capital team has participated in over 210 real estate investments to an underserved market of mid-sized businesses.  In the real estate sector, we focus on Sponsors building or improving projects from $10 million to $100 million, primarily in urban infill markets or underdeveloped parcels within already developed areas.  These Sponsors are typically building or managing “market-appropriate” properties in the respective markets in which they operate.  For over two decades we have identified capital inefficiencies common to these small and medium size projects and small- to mid-sized Sponsors, and we have focused on originating participating mezzanine loans and preferred equity investments to capitalize on these inefficiencies.

We build independent financial models based on our own experience and research.






Open Source Capital’s senior management has worked together for over 25 years and has developed an institutional grade infrastructure.  The principals, George Henderson Jr. and Kyle Meyer have over 80 years of combined experience in investing, banking, development, construction, loan servicing and asset management.  The team focuses its activities in markets where we have human assets on the ground and a deep intuitive understanding of the market.  The corporate office is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL

OSC’s technical knowledge complements its banking and investment structuring experience for many types of real estate including low and mid-rise condominiums, apartments, townhomes, renovations and single-family homes.  To assess risk and appropriately suggest pricing for an application, OSC examines many projects and market factors, including assessing the project’s marketing position, local market and the Sponsor’s track record.  OSC brings investors and sponsors together to create attractive transactions where risk and return are well balanced.

Our reputation, expertise, and history of established contacts with banks and developers have generated a strong foundation for new and repeat business. OSC’s experienced underwriting department understands the need for appropriate documentation and efficient processing. An error-free investment file adds value. This benefits both the client and the investor. The complexity of construction lending is well understood by OSC’s professional staff.  Our experienced managers ensure syndications are thoroughly prepared and documented.  This, in turn, ensures sound credit decisions and enhances credit quality.  External audits have consistently concluded that our files are thoroughly documented and are of high quality.

Our ability to dream creatively and make those dreams materialize is making Open Source Capital a model for many companies in the future. We realize that changing times often require changing the way in which we do business.

We seek to retain our entrepreneurial spirit while channeling people with a common cause and capital resources together in ways that will allow us to grow and create wealth for all stakeholders.  Moreover, we believe it is vital to the success of our business that our shareholders, officers, and associates all be considered partners.  There was a time when little was needed to succeed in the real estate business, but this is no longer the case.  In today’s world, we need to remain flexible and yet, at the same time, have the scale to gain access to the world’s capital market.