With success comes additional deal flow and most likely the need to raise more capital.  

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Your executives may currently be able to handle your financing, but as your business grows you will reach a point where you may want to consider raising debt or equity by using a Regulation D 506c Offering.



Open Source Capital wants to partner with firms wanting to raise equity capital in order to close more deals.


We know how to assess and structure real estate investment opportunities and can negotiate and deliver agreements for the mutual benefit of all parties and make a difference to your company’s growth and success.


With boots on the ground, we are looking for low leverage deals with established GP Sponsors. We work with our partners to negotiate transactions with limited partners.  We understand what institutional investors and capital providers seek an opportunity.  As a partner we develop and file Offering Documents; perform detailed due diligence and monitor the assets for investors after the closing.  We c0-invest in 100% of the projects that we help raise financing.


REAL ESTATE SPONSORS – If you are eager to finance your next project with funds from potential accredited and non-accredited investors utilizing Title III of the JOBS ACT, let Open Source Capital help you improve the way you approach this new era of MarketPlace financing.

Together we can communicate information that investors need to know prior to making an investment.  We can provide you with the insights we have gained from working directly with the investment community and company executives for over 20 years.  Having an experienced third party at the table with other members of your management team will significantly improve your odds when raising the capital you need.

As a partner we can help you:

  • Better establish and maintain relationships with investment professionals
  • Prepare and file your Offering Documents
  • Implement an array of financial strategies that investors seek and require
  • Perfect your elevator pitch
  • Write a compelling, carefully conceived, up-to-date proforma and project business plan
  • Gather due diligence information
  • Gain favorable media attention via effective news releases
  • Harness the power of the internet to strengthen your company’s influence.










Typical CF financial snapshot 

  • Offering Type: Crowdfunding Dequity
  • Funding Goal: $1,000,000

Minimum Investment Amount: $1,000

Capital Stack

    • Sponsor                             $   100,000
    • Investors                           $1,000,000
    • Senior Loan                       $1,500,000
    • Total capital                       $2,600,000

Profit Participation: (varies 20-80% – based on proforma)

Pref return (8%)

Target IRR: 15%- 25% (estimated)

Term: 12 – 48 months

FEES: We provide a value-added personalized service that crowdfunding portals cannot provide.  Our partners benefit by engaging with us to help them do all of the tasks needed to complete a capital raise.

  • For Sponsors, we produce and file the Offering Memorandum, develop a Financial Model (with IRR analysis), identify and solicit prospective portals, arrange conference calls and meetings and manage negotiations and transaction process until closing.  The preparation of all the materials to present to investors usually requires 30 to 45 days, depending on management’s availability and existing information prepared by the client. For our services, we charge (1) a flat fee for preparation of transaction materials such as the Offering Memorandums and Financial Modeling and transaction due diligence services. After the successful closing of the transaction, we manage the deal for a monthly fee.  All services and fees are detailed in a clearly written Term Sheet.  Our role is to manage the entire transaction process as your capital finance partner.