Syndicating vacation rental homes- a new investment class

Syndicating vacation rental homes- a new investment class



Now you can syndicate your vacation rental homes using RealConnex?

Vacation rental homes are a good choice for investors  who want to own income producing real estate in or near neighborhoods in which they live or visit.

  • Today’s vacation home real estate market is a target rich environment.  Many individuals and families are deciding to rent vacation homes rather than spend money on expensive hotels.
  • The advantage of owning a vacation rental home is the ability to see exactly where your investment dollars are being deployed.
  • The advantage of a vacation home is that the revenue, relative to the cost of the home is higher than with normal yearly rental homes. Depending on where you build your vacation home you may be able to achieve double digit returns on your investment.
  • The peer-to-peer short-term rental business model has disrupted the traditional hospitality industry by creating new sources of supply and demand.  Unlike traditional hotels, entrepreneurs can use services like Airbnb to source and rent to travelers and vacationing families from all over the world.


Finance your Vacation Rental Home- Raise unlimited $$$$ using our syndication platform

The sooner you engage us, the sooner we can begin facilitating your online syndication. Once your terms are formalized, the wheels are immediately put in motion.  Our concierge marketing team quickly acts to represent your vacation home in its finest light.  Our team assiduously gets on task and  rapidly begins to seek out investors that meet your  criteria.


RealConnex Vacation Home Syndication is a platform that helps small investors finance their vacation rental home using altmarket financing.  Share your investment ideas with friends and other investors using social media and the internet.

Let our concierge partner work with you to:

  • Establish and maintain relationships with investment professionals
  • Prepare and file Offering Documents
  • Implement an array of financial strategies that investors seek and require
  • Perfect an elevator pitch
  • Write a compelling, carefully conceived, up-to-date proforma and project business plan
  • Help you gather due diligence information
  • Gain favorable media attention via effective news releases
  • Harness the power of the internet, MLS and social media to strengthen your company’s influence.

Considering the fact that our platform only expands your options and that our fees are 90% success-based, there is rarely an advantage to waiting.

 We invite experienced project Sponsors and Accredited Investors to try our “Syndicated Dequity Program”.  As the Sponsor, you determine the terms of the Dequity.   As an Investor you select the Dequity you want to own.  We syndicate Dequity  from $1,000,000.00 to $50,000,000.00


  How it works:

  • First, we work with you to design a capital stack that meets the requirements to get funding from accredited investors.
  • Then, we produce a proforma “term sheet”.
  • With dequity, investors receive a market interest rate, plus a percentage of the profit. 
  • Then, we market a syndicated profit participation loan (“Dequity”) based on your terms.  The dequity marketing campaign is designed to reach out to thousands of targeted investors that are actively investing in your type of project.
  • Once enough qualified investors have express interest in your project we close on the Dequity syndication and the funds are released to you and investors start receiving interest on the Dequity.