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Share-ability– giving a specific property the legal ability to be divided and distribute in shares; apportion to participate in, enjoy, receive, jointly:

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If the economy improves like we expect in America, some people are going to make a lot of money in real estate.  So how can you participate in this asset class over the next few years?  Well, you should learn how to collectively own real estate in today’s shared economy.  


We provide investments you can touch, along with the people and the strategy of knowing where your money is being invested.


Collective Real Estate Ownership might prove to be even better than stock and bonds over the next decade.



We help clients structure and invest in “shared real estate assets”.


“Don’t buy the yield, buy the underlying assumptions that support the yield.”

We’d like to be your “boots on the ground” partner for off-market collective asset deals.  For most of our clients, direct asset investing represents a sizable portion of their net worth.  We believe these assets deserve the same kind of attention that is given to financial investments, such as stocks and bonds.



We have a long history of working with real estate developers to help locate, finance, develop and manage real estate.  As such, we help developers secure financing by forming relationships with individual investors, private equity groups and lenders nationwide to finance each project.


Our team of professional Sponsors are located around the country. They understand the local market, which is critical, because real estate values are very much influenced by local factors.


We invite you to contact us and learn more about our  investment strategies and perhaps find ways in which we can work together to build upon your collective asset portfolio.