The tsunami for real estate syndication is coming!

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What’s different now about Syndication?

It’s no secret that Boomers are going to need more income in retirement, but there are challenges that this generation may face in the years ahead, making the demand for alternative assets that produce income even more important.

The baby boomer generation owns more small business than ever before approximately $10 trillion worth.  It is estimated that 77 million baby boomers will retire, and many will sell their businesses between 2013-2019.

It’s a fact, retirees are living longer. While that is certainly a good reason to celebrate, it also means there’s an increasing risk that Boomers may outlive their savings.  Life expectancy for ages 65 and older has risen to 84.4 years.

The risk of increased inflation is also something boomers are highly aware of, having lived through a period of hyperinflation in the 1980s.  They understand what it means to lose purchasing power. Combining inflation with increased longevity, boomers will be transitioning from their accumulation years to their distribution years as they see the need to find additional income.  One potential solution will be a greater allocation to alternative income-focused assets.

Syndicators that understand this will win big if they think like investors before getting started.

Syndication is an active approach to building a company.  It takes a lot of work and long hours, but with syndication, you can gain immediate ownership of something with inherent value and be placed in the driver’s seat ready to take full control of added value to the asset.

Rethinking which properties to buy and how to syndicate them requires some tweaking of skillsets.  You need to be a hybrid of  entrepreneur, real estate operator, and investor.

If you think syndication is for you, and you want a high-quality team to help you prepare and market a syndication, we have a molded process in place based on our own experience and we want to share it with you.

Syndication is hard, it’s complicated, and it involves money.  It’s stressful and risky.  In fact, almost everyone who’s ever tried it alone ever finishes.  We believe the reason for this is the lack of a proven process.  We believe we can help you solve this problem if you are willing to commit to investing your own money, and betting on yourself.  You will be the most important part of the equation, but Open Source Capital will give you a concierge blueprint for a successful syndication, and a roadmap for improving the odds of building a successful business.

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