Investing in Puerto Rico

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Are you are interested in opportunities as a result of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, but not wanting to manage a development project yourself?  We can propose to you partnerships in which successful and well respected Puerto Rico developers can deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns.


The partnerships we developed with highly successful Puerto Rico and US Developers rely on the following basis:

-The Developer invest 5 to 10% of the project cost alongside with the other investors

-The developer gets a fixed management fee to supervise the project from A to Z

-The developer has a strong incentive linked to investors IRR (Internal Rate of Return): from to 30-60% of project gains if the investor’s IRR is superior to 20%


Invest alongside partners with unique talent and a true edge in their strategy and market niche.

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Additionally, we have a Managed-Direct Real Estate Ownership Program that is structured for investors who want a complete package of services for acquiring, financing, and managing a customized portfolio of commercial properties.  Subsequent to an initial consultation, you will be presented with properties matching with your stated criteria, including pricing, capital structure, and cash flow projections.