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Open Source Capital offers specially-crafted capital campaigns, powered by the RealConnex syndication engine.

 Over 80,000 Investors use RealConnex to connect and find opportunities that meet their precise investment criteria.

Let our team of professionals help you reach investors on the platform.

Open Source Capital provides RealConnex Members a comprehensive Capital Raise Program that accredited investors understand and appreciate.

With Open Source Capital as your RealConnex Capital Concierge, business happens where you do business.  Our Advisors come to you, no need for you to go to New York.  You will get to know them in your local community.

You’ll always work with someone you know, be it your personal Advisor or their support team.  And when you need decisions about financing fast, they can help you make those decisions.



Our Six Steps to Raising Capital using the RealConnex Network & Syndication Platform

  1. Design a Comprehensive Capital Campaign
  2. Prepare Offering Documents
  3. Post deal on the RealConnex Syndication Portal
  4. Market the project to accredited investors
  5. Meet investors
  6. Close the deal


How We Work with You


 Our Concierge Service bridges the gap between self-directed syndication and full-service investment banking.


The cost presented by the gap is considerable and our Concierge service provides a practical solution to achieving the strategic objectives of many General Partners.


The process:

Phase I (free pre-engagement analysis)

  1. Review Business Plan
  2. Review Company’s project proforma
  3. Build an independent Financial Investment Model and suggest Pricing

Phase II (Engagement)

  1. Engage with Open Source Capital to develop your capital campaign
  2. Review Architectural Plans
  3. Review Construction Cost
  4. Review market study
  5. Underwriting and Stress Test Project
  6. Outline Marketing Campaign
  7. Site visits
  8. Revise the Financial Model based on the results above
  9. Review or setup up an “SPV” to be the Issuer

Phase III 

  1. Based on the results of Phase I & II- we develop a complete Capital Raising Campaign using an SEC compliant Private Placement Memorandum for a Regulation D 506c Offerings.

Phase IV-

  1. Place the SEC compliant PPM on the portal website
  2. Setup escrow and wiring instructions
  3. Broker/Dealer Placement for FINRA deals
  4. Review terms of Broker/Deal Selling Agreement

Phase V

  1. Execute the Capital Raise Marketing Plan
  2. Develop Trustee Agreements
  3. Develop Term Sheets
  4. Develop Mortgage and Note Terms
  5. Develop Indenture Terms and Agreements
  6. Provide portal maintenance and updating
  7. Arrange due diligence and roadshow meetings
  8. Marketing/Branding/Advertising per the approved capital campaign
  9. Professional Investor Sourcing
  10. Coordinating Due Diligence
  11. Negotiate/Review Term Sheets
  12. Develop Terms of an Operating Agreement
  13. Develop Terms of (Investor/Developer) Construction Agreements
  14. Develop Terms of (Investor/Developer) Property Management Agreements


Phase VI – Coordinate the Closing 

  1. Transaction Management and Coordination of Funds Disbursement

Phase VII- Post Closing 

  1. Deal monitoring
  2. Portal maintenance
  3. Post Campaign Marketing/Branding


Neither, nor Open Source Capital, LLC, nor it Concierge Managers perform any activities of a broker/dealer or investment adviser, including but not limited to, providing investment advice, negotiating securities transactions or recommending the purchase of securities.