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 As a developer you may have always depended on “word of mouth” at the country club as your capital campaign marketing plan, and if that has worked for you in the past, then that’s ok.  However, if you have larger goals of growing your business, you may need a better plan!

Here are some steps to consider when planning your capital campaign:

  1. Find your target audience

Who is your TARGET audience?  This may be dependent on the type of projects you are developing or the geographic market you are in.  Make sure you are marketing to the investors you want to reach. Most businesses try to market to all investors.  Yes, this is probably true from time to time, but in that long list, who lands in your “sweet spot”?  The sweet spot is where you should focus on the most and whom you want to target!

  1. What type of marketing do you want to do?

Open Source Capital spends hours every week researching and updating where to reach your target market,  the “sweet spot”, where you can get the best bang for your buck?

  1. Decide on a budget and be creative

How much are you able to spend on your capital campaign?  Perhaps you may want to start small and then slowly increase each year as your business increases.  What is important is that you are consistent with your marketing.  Be creative and let your message be heard, catch that potential investors attention.

    4. Have patience and do not give up!

Consistency is the key word. You may want to give up on your advertising if you do not see an immediate return, but the facts are, not every investor is looking to invest at the time they see your deal.

Branding your name is the most important thing you can do in marketing.

Who is an investor going to think of when they are ready to invest?  Investors are inundated with multiple deals every day.  How do they remember every developer?  The fact is, they cannot. What they do remember is the top ten names. That is why you cannot give up on your capital campaign marketing plan!  Stick with it, be consistent and your patience and hard work will eventually pay off!


Think differently, solve your capital problems, and optimize your organization with experts by your side. Together, we’ll review your capital raise process, deal structuring and existing resources in order to help you reach your capital funding needs.  We’ll show you how to achieve your goals using our online syndication platform, which we will continually update as we work together.



Investors have a lot of choices, why should they choose your deal?  While we harness the power of the internet, we also understand that quantitative aspects play an equally important role. We’ll help you understand the competitive landscape, analyze your project’s risk/reward profile and blend the experience of  investment banking professionals with the talent of our marketing designers to help you deliver your offerings in a unique way that sets you apart from the crowd. We support our clients with all of their design needs, including the creation of fact sheets, presentations, call-to-action campaigns, email templates and more. We can also assist you with initial website design or the redesign of your existing website.


  • You have a great real estate project that needs financing.


  • Why not engage “Online Syndication” as a way to purchase and finance your project?



Open Source Capital’s Online Syndication Process provides an easy way to collectively invest in real estate with other like-minded people.


 Online Syndication does four things:

  • Provides everything you need to form a company and syndicate your project.
  • Allows friends, family and other investors an opportunity to be “a part of your project”.
  • Allows you to raises funds without a personal guarantee.
  • Reduces the risk of high leverage.


Why Hire Open Source Capital?


If you hire accountants to prepare your financials, and hire lawyers for your legal work, then you need Open Source Capital to help you raise capital.  Open Source Capital, with its proven track record can alleviate the pressure of arranging financing, so you can focus on your project and offer what savvy real estate investors want.